by Ixvo

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So this is my voice. In my head, I'm making classic house music - 4/4 and pure, music for the dancefloor, that utopian groove - but it keeps coming out wrong, corrupted by my love of synthpop and italo and hi-nrg, new beat and EBM, nineties trance, eurodance, and a million other bargain basement genres.

The process, the original direction, emerged from the ideology of skweee - work quickly, let the funk do its thing, embrace mistakes, because that's what it is to be alive. And you can hear that skweee vibe in the melodic synths, often cheap, awkward, threatening to jam into oblivion. But I know and respect the scene's old skool enough to dig how annoyed they'd be to hear a 4/4 sound be called skweee, so instead, let's call it huose, fucked up in typo'd form - not really house, but not quite not.

This is the first in a series of EPs, each exploring a different part of this mixed up terrain. Hope you enjoy it (-:



released November 23, 2015


All tracks by Ixvo, except 5 remixed by Adam Power.
Mastered by Adam Power at Power Audio Services.

Cover art by SailorSwayze |





Ix-Vo-Stx-Vo London, UK

The sound of (-:

4/4 dance music that's not house but not quite not.

Since 2015.

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Track Name: Fanfare
So I ask myself:
Why contribute to the noise?
What is it that I have to offer
that hasn't already been said better before?

So I ask myself:
Why do I do what I do?
Am I happy with who I am?
Do I have a life or am I just living?

The need to create
To move to the beat
To lock onto a groove
To fill my heart with heat
I get sick of my voice
And I play too many notes
But this isn't meant as a style, it's meant to be a space
Together in the act of dance, we can find this place